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2023 LSP Class Project

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Project Goals

Become an incubator for equity and justice work

Turn unused and outdated classrooms into hubs for social change

Create collaborative, tech-supported spaces for local change-makers

Leadership St. Pete® Class of 2023 Conscious Collaboration Class Project

The LSP Class of 2023 is proud to announce the launch of its class project, “Conscious Collaboration,” to create flexible, technology-supported workspaces for nonprofit leaders at Allendale Equity & Justice Center.

LSP Class of 2023 plans to convert former preschool classrooms into collaborative spaces for nonprofit leaders and change-makers. Once renovated, the rooms will be flexible and technology-supported spaces that nonprofits use to host meetings, workshops, and events.

The core project mission is to create collaborative spaces for local change-makers to exchange ideas, build partnerships, coordinate rapid responses to emerging or immediate community needs, and plan actions that solve social issues. The project will be complete by May 2023.

Your donation makes a difference! The LSP Class of 2023 relies on community support to make the “Conscious Collaboration” project a reality. Donate to the LSP Class of 2023 Conscious Collaboration project through the Bay Area Chamber Foundation. Learn more  about donor opportunities.

Get Involved

The LSP Class of 2023 will host fundraising events between March and May 2023. Your attendance and support will make the “Conscious Collaboration” project possible.

Donate to the LSP Class of 2023 Conscious Collaboration project through the Bay Area Chamber Foundation. Learn more about donor opportunities.

Previous Class Projects
The class project has become a cornerstone of the Leadership St. Pete experience. It affords the class an opportunity to develop personal leadership skills through the organization, planning, and implementation of a major project while also giving something back to our community in a meaningful and lasting way. To see an archive of previous projects, click here!

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