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This week marks a significant milestone for the entrepreneurial community in St. Petersburg and beyond. We're celebrating the 10th anniversary of 1 Million Cups at The Greenhouse, a program designed to engage, educate, and connect local entrepreneurs. It's an occasion that resonates with the spirit of innovation and community, characteristics that have propelled local businesses to impressive heights. Kahwa Coffee has been the sponsor for many years now helping share the 1 Million Cups of coffee nationally.

This is Kahwa Coffee's Story: Founded by Raphael and Sarah Perrier, Kahwa Coffee has become more than just a coffee shop; it's a story of love, ambition, and community. Their journey began in a Philadelphia coffee shop, where their shared passion for coffee and each other brewed into a vision that would eventually transform the coffee culture in St. Petersburg and across Florida.

From their modest start in 2006 with a small facility and big dreams, Raphael and Sarah have built Kahwa into the largest independent coffee company in the Tampa Bay area, and the state. Their story of growth, from serving their first cup of coffee to becoming a beloved brand with 14 retail locations and over 800 wholesale partners, is nothing short of inspiring.

Their commitment to excellence was recognized on a global stage when world-renowned French chef Paul Bocuse selected Kahwa Coffee for his restaurant in Epcot. But beyond their business achievements, Raphael and Sarah have always put the community first. Their initiatives, like the support for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation and the St. Pete Art Alliance, highlight their dedication to making a positive impact.

As we gather to celebrate this significant anniversary of 1 Million Cups and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our community, we're reminded of the power of local businesses in shaping our community's identity and future. Kahwa Coffee's journey from a dream to a flourishing reality exemplifies the resilience, passion, and innovation that 1 Million Cups aims to foster in every entrepreneur.

This celebration is not just about marking a milestone but reaffirming our commitment to supporting local businesses and the communities they serve. Let's continue to inspire, connect, and uplift each other, one cup of coffee at a time.

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