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Tara Hubbard giving a tour to The St. Pete Chamber and our members during their ribbon cutting.

Egmont Key: A Legacy of Conservation, History, and the Hubbard Family’s Dedication


We recently did a Ribbon Cutting for the Egmont Key Ferry at Fort Desoto. That is where we learned so much. Nestled at the mouth of Tampa Bay, Egmont Key is a sight of natural beauty, rich history, and concerted conservation efforts. This unique island's story is intricately woven with the endeavors of Hubbard's Marina, Take Mar, and the remarkable Hubbard family, whose legacy spans generations of environmental stewardship and community involvement.

A Tapestry of Time: The Stages of Egmont Key's History

Egmont Key's past is a vivid mosaic of indigenous heritage, strategic military significance, and a guiding light of conservation efforts. From its earliest days as a resource-rich land for the Tocobaga tribe, through its pivotal roles in the Spanish-American War where it was a Yellow Fever Quarantine Site, to the Third Seminole War where Seminole Indians were held as prisoners of war, to its current status as a National Wildlife Refuge, and Tampa Bay Pilots Association, Egmont Key has been a silent witness to centuries of Florida’s evolution. Each era in its history—marked by the construction of Fort Dade, the Civil War, and the establishment of its iconic lighthouse (which is still a working lighthouse and being kept by the U.S. Coast Guard) —adds a layer to its rich narrative, making Egmont Key a living museum of natural beauty and historical legacy.

The Hubbard Family Legacy: Guardians of Egmont Key

The Hubbard family's connection to Egmont Key and the Gulf Coast is a tale of passion for the sea and commitment to environmental conservation. Beginning with a grandfather's simple canoe journey, this family has become synonymous with pioneering eco-tourism and advocacy for Egmont Key's preservation. Through their stewardship, Hubbard's Marina has not only facilitated access to the island but has also played a critical role in conservation efforts, partnering with Take Mar and contributing to the Egmont Key Alliance's vital work. Their legacy is a testament to the impact that dedicated individuals and families can have on preserving our natural treasures for future generations.

Preserving Paradise: The Egmont Key Alliance's Crucial Conservation Efforts Now Merged into Take MAR’s Egmont Key Alliance Committee

In the heart of efforts to preserve Egmont Key's ecological and historical treasures, the Egmont Key Alliance, restructured under Take Mar, showcasing community-driven conservation. This strategic partnership underscores the ongoing commitment to safeguarding the island, blending the preservation of its diverse ecosystems with the maintenance of its historical sites. By engaging in beach cleanups, habitat restoration, and public education, the alliance—and now the committee—invites everyone to partake in protecting this irreplaceable part of Florida's heritage.

How You Can Help

Egmont Key's future depends on the collective efforts of those who cherish it. Whether through donations, volunteering with the Egmont Key Alliance Committee, or participating in educational tours hosted by Hubbard's Marina, there are numerous ways to contribute to the island's preservation. By joining these efforts, you can help ensure that Egmont Key remains a vibrant natural sanctuary and historical site for generations to come.


Egmont Key stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when history, nature, and community come together in preservation. The island’s tapestry of indigenous history, military significance, and conservation success, intertwined with the enduring legacy of the Hubbard family, showcases the importance of dedicated stewardship. As we look toward the future, let us draw inspiration from Egmont Key's story and the Hubbards’ commitment to ensure this precious gem of the Gulf Coast continues to thrive.

Call to Action

Inspired by the story of Egmont Key and the legacy of conservation it represents? Join us in the mission to protect and celebrate this natural and historical treasure. Visit Take Mar and Hubbard's Marina to learn more about how you can make a difference. Your support, whether through engagement, advocacy, or donations, plays a crucial role in preserving Egmont Key for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

Turtles at Egmont Key
Hubbard History
Hubbard's Ferry to Egmont Key
Egmont Key Lighthouse
Egmont Key Cemetery
Egmont Key Ferry
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