Dr. Sri Sundaram

2021 Board Of Governors Chair

Dr. Sridhar Sundaram is a Professor of Finance and the Tiedemann-Cotton Dean for the Kate Tiedemann School of Business and Finance and Campus Dean, Muma College of Business, at the University of South Florida.  His educational background includes a Master’s degree in Accounting, and a MBA and a Doctorate degree in Finance. He has received the Faculty Recognition Awards in teaching, research and service. He is an active researcher with publications in some of the top finance journals. His business experience involves several years of working with his family’s retail business, consulting with businesses and serving on non-profit and for-profit boards.  He has also held leadership positions in professional organizations, non-profit organizations and higher education institutions.  Currently, he serves as the Chair of the Board of Governors for the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Board for the St. Petersburg EDC, Board of the Saint Anthony’s Hospital and was 2019 Chair of the Grow Smarter Initiative in St. Petersburg.

Chris Steinocher


Christopher Steinocher is President and CEO of the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce. He joined the Chamber in February of 2011 and is responsible for the vision, strategic direction and overall operations of the Chamber.

Prior to the Chamber, Chris spent 17 year with the Tampa Bay Partnership as COO and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development where he helped start the regional economic development group. Chris was also the AVP of Marketing for Fortune Bank, a Tampa Bay based bank with 46 branch locations throughout the area. He has over 33 years of experience in marketing and community development, 31 of which have been in the St. Petersburg region. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Emory University.

Chris’s current post is a coming home of sorts. He was employed at the Chamber over 29 years ago. He has been a resident of St. Petersburg for over 30 years along with his wife, Juli. They are the proud parents of two boys. His professional goal with the Chamber is to ensure this city does everything it can to be so attractive to his two boys that they will never want to move to another market. After all, isn’t that every parent’s desire?! His personal goal is to be the starting 2nd baseman for the Kids and Kubs softball team in the year 2039.