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The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce shall be the preeminent leader of business in order to ensure the economic growth and vitality for all in our community.


We lead on efforts impacting our businesses and entire St. Pete community. We welcome and convene visitors, residents, artists, entrepreneurs and all business owners in one, central home where we learn and collaborate on important issues, promote each other, and move forward to create a St. Pete where we all thrive. Together.

From the Blog

Meet our Five Pitch Night Finalists!

June 13, 2023

Meet Our Five Pitch Night Finalists! Martika Brianne Jones is CEO and Co-Founder of BŪP®, a trailblazing B2B SaaS networking solution. Leveraging a decade of sales experience and a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, Martika co-created BŪP® to revolutionize the way businesses connect, facilitating the seamless exchange of information and automatic lead nurturing.…

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Meet our Spring EA Graduates!

June 8, 2023

Meet Our Spring EA Grads! Last week, the Greenhouse celebrated the graduation of 19 Entrepreneurial Academy students! Friends, family, Chamber staff, and Community leaders came out to Zoie’s Restaurant to celebrate the graduates, where each student was able to share their stories and entrepreneurial journeys with the crowd.   This…

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2023 Florida Legislative Recap

May 23, 2023

2023 Florida Legislative Recap By: Jason Rodriguez (Director of Government Relations, Baycare) & Melissa Meshil (Local Government Relations Manager, HCA Healthcare) Legislative Co-Chairs, St. Petersburg Chamber     The theme of the 2023 Legislative Session was Big Budget and Big Policy.  St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce approved a comprehensive…

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Our Members

Get to Know: King Carts

September 20, 2023

Get to Know: King Carts Where Community, Customization, and the Love of Golf Carts Collide In the heart of St. Pete, King Carts has emerged as a thriving family-owned business with a captivating origin story. The journey began with a cherished neighborhood holiday tradition-an uninterrupted procession of beautifully decorated golf…

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Get to Know: Climate First Bank

September 11, 2023

Get to Know: Climate First Bank Where Banking Meets Climate Action and Community Values In a world grappling with challenges posed by climate change, Climate First Bank emerges as a visionary leader with a unique mission. Founded on June 1, 2021, in St. Petersburg, Florida, this groundbreaking institution stands as…

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Get to Know: Compass Productivity

August 3, 2023

Get to Know: Compass Productivity Navigating Success| Compass Productivity Guides Businesses to New Heights In the quest for accelerated growth and sustainable success, fast-growing businesses seek a reliable compass to guide them. Business partners, Steven Granese and Adam Ulery, created Compass Productivity to offer a unique blend of educational courses…

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